Go Club


Go is an ancient Chinese  board game for two players, played with black and white stones,  in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.


Despite its relatively simple rules, Go is considered as complex as  chess.

The dynamics of Go are completely different than chess. It has  a larger board with more scope for play, and, on average, more alternatives to consider per move. Precisely for that reason it took longer to program a computer that would be stronger than the strongest human player. With artificial intelligence, in 2016, Google build a computer that beat Lee Sedol, one of the strongest players on the planet.


Go is a fascinating game, that can be played on every level. A stronger player can give a weaker opponent some handicap stones, which levels out the difference in strength.


Every Wednesday evening we host  the Amsterdam Go club in our events room from 20.15 onwards. Everybody is invited to come and play a game.


Ifyou want to learn the game send an e-mail to les@goinamsterdam (ANTISPAM) nland we can arrange a lesson on Wednesday before the start of the club evening.


For more information have a look at our website: https://goinamsterdam.nl/

photograph of Go equipment with game in progress