Report Round 4

GM Dimitri Reinderman kept his perfect score in the fourth round, and now enjoys a 1.5 point lead with five rounds to go. In 2013 he finished in fourth place after losing in the final two rounds, but in 2015 the grandmaster from Hoorn reigned supreme with an undefeated 7.5/9. He could well be scoring his second tournament win here in Cafe Batavia.

Dimitri Reinderman

Another tournament victory on the horizon for Dimitri Reinderman?

Today was a fairly easy affair for the tournament leader, who reached a comfortable position right out of the opening and then refuted two early mistakes from his opponent.

IM Irene Sukandar—who is known as “Irine” on the FIDE website and even in her passport, but that’s because a typo was made when her birth was registered as she revealed today!—said she had expected “some kind of Sicilian.” Therefore, she had spent most of her preparation on that, and less time on the Philidor.

Her opening was OK (though not a critical test), but having to play with an “Irish pawn center” (the tripled f-pawn) wasn’t great, and giving up three of them so quickly wasn’t ideal either. The game was over in less than three hours.

Irene Sukandar

Irene Sukandar moving her king’s pawn up the board.

Soon after, IM Manuel Bosboom had to throw in the towel as well. The Dutch IM can easily be called a legend for all the amazing games he has played over his career, but it’s getting more and more difficult for him to get away with his creativity. Today he never even survived the opening as IM Aljoscha Feuerstack blew him away with simple, healthy moves.

Feuerstack vs Bosboom

Feuerstack and Bosboom starting their game.

IM Edwin van Haastert seemed to be having a solid, long-term plus in his game with IM Tomasz Warakomski. (This author thought he was hearing Radek Wojtaszek speak, during the post-mortem. That Polish accent is quite elegant!)

Asked whether his 12.Ng3 and allowing that doubled g-pawn was known, Van Haastert replied: “Well, not really… I spent 36 minutes on 7.Be2 in the opening as I had forgotten everything.”

At first Black hardly had any counterplay, but at the right moment Warakomski decided to go for a pawn break on the kingside. Then and there Van Haastert should have thrown in b4-b5 without preparation, which he could have done three times.

As it went, Black came first and decided the game with a nice combination.

Tomasz Warakomski

A pretty finish by Tomasz Warakomski.

IM Nico Zwirs won an excellent game against IM Lawrence Trent, who praised several of his opponent’s moves in the post mortem. White’s “sweet little thing on a5” (Dutch readers will get the Donner reference) was the main reason for White’s lasting advantage in this game, and it seemed that Zwirs had dominated from start to finish.

However, Black could actually have drawn the endgame at one moment.

Zwirs Trent

Trent spent a few minutes on his first move, as he hadn’t yet decided what to play.

The longest game saw a very surprising result, as IM Miguoel Admiraal managed to lose an endgame that was almost impossible to lose.

The fun started in the opening actually, as GM Friso Nijboer chose one of the sharpest possible systems in the Advance Caro-Kann: 4.h4 and 5.c4. For a while, the game Firouzja-Artemiev, Wijk aan Zee 2020 was followed but the Dutch GM wasn’t aware. His comment after the game, knowing he had been in trouble: “You cannot play a variation like this if you don’t know everything about it!”

Admiraal was two pawns up for little compensation, and still had the better chances after sacrificing an exchange that removed most of the danger against his king.

In the endgame, he missed a study-like win, but OK. It can happen. But later, he just couldn’t accept the draw, played on for a win perhaps too long and a final winning attempt turned out to be a (successful) losing attempt.

Miguoel Admiraal

What a disaster for Miguoel Admiraal…

Minutes after the game Admiraal had left the building, but he soon returned and joined the blitz fun in the cafe for a bit. Nobody can stay angry for long at Batavia.

Yochanal Afek Batavia

IM Yochanan Afek came by today and showed lots of amazing endgame studies.

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