Round 3

Today we had so many visitors in Café Batavia, that I decided to skip the live reporting and socialize with everyone instead. My apologies to those who waited for an update in vain, hope this summary will do.

At the chess board we also had a brutal amount of action today. It is almost like the madness of yesterday’s thriller Leenhouts-Kuipers carried over to today, judging from what happened at several boards.

Jasel Lopez and Stefan Kuipers were both on 1.5 out of 2, so there was a lot at stake today. After two tense blitz games it was 1-1, and then Jasel kept a drew with Black in the armageddon. Stefan had trouble switching from blitz to classical and quickly messed up the opening. Jasel grabbed the initiative, sacrificed a piece, won in the attack and is now the proud tournament leader!

Koen Leenhouts and Felix Meissner were also on 1-1 after the first two blitz games, and then Koen drew the armageddon with Black. The strange thing was that Felix accidentally played his main preparation in the blitz. He decided to repeat his surprising use of the Chigorin Defence in the classical game and got away with it. Koen was mentally not really prepared for a messy game, got confused and lost track. Felix grabbed his chance, took over and finished with a direct kingside attack.

Simon Williams was on fire today, beating John van der Wiel 2-0 in blitz and his confident play carried over to the classical game. John played his pet line against the Modern Defence, but Simon reacted very accurately, got an advantage and had no problems converting.

David Arutinian beat Arthur Pijpers 2-0 in the blitz and also got the upper hand in the classical game, but Arthur kept a cool head a drew the rook endgame a pawn down.

Max Warmerdam beat Rick Lahaye 1.5-0.5 in the blitz. Their classical game seemed correct from both sides and ended in a move repetition.

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