Opening event: Hand & Brain

Tonight at 19:30 we all gather in Café Batavia for the official opening of the tournament at 20:00. After everyone has been introduced and the drawing of lots has taken place, we’ll play a Hand and Brain tournament. Eight of the Batavia participants are paired with eight sponsors/chess fans:

Hand & Brain teams
GM David Arutinian – Karel van Delft
IM Arthur Pijpers – Alexander Vos de Wael
IM Stefan Kuipers – Ichelle Dekker
IM Koen Leenhouts – Jos Teeuwen
Rick Lahaye – Jasper Dekker
GM John van der Wiel – Rob de Melker
FM Jasel Lopez – Bram van den Berg
FM Felix Meissner – John Wesselink

We play three rounds KO, after which we should have a winning team! We plan to be finished at 22:00, since the players will have to focus on the first round tomorrow.

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