Round 5 LIVE

Welcome back! Last night Anna Zatonskih managed to convert her material advantage against Manuel Bosboom and is back at 50%. Generally, the field moved together quite a bit yesterday, since everyone can beat everyone. Today is round 5, the round where everyone wants to do especially well, just before the rest day.

The games are rather positional and technical so far. Ivan Sokolov-Miguel Santos Ruiz and Anna Zatonskih-Liam Vrolijk are both Nimzo-Indians with 5.Ne2:

Ivan has started a minority attack with b4-b5, creating a backward pawn on c6, but Miguel’s pieces are well coordinated. Anna didn’t get in a minority attack, while Liam has the same good piece coordination with Black.

Thomas Beerdsen’s opening choice can be called unfortunate, since Alexandr Fier played very accurately (and fast!), achieving a serious positional advantage:

Here Thomas decided to gamble by taking on c3 and a4, but by now Alexandr is simply winning.

Friso Nijboer also has a strong Maroczy Bind against Robby Kevlishvili:

Manuel Bosboom takes his role as the local chess artist seriously and opened with 1…a6 against Alina Kashlinskaya today. Right now the position is interestingly balanced:

Anna Zatonskih didn’t manage to get in a good pawn break (b4, e4 or g4) against Liam Vrolijk, therefore the players decided not to push it and sign the peace. Ivan Sokolov did manage to complicate matters from his Nimzo-Indian position. Miguel Santos Ruiz said after the game that he had seen that a certain line wasn’t working, but then forgot about it and went for it anyway. The tactics worked in White’s favour and Sokolov won.

Manuel Bosboom made his fans happy by winning an impressive attacking game against Alina Kashlinskaya. When I wrote before that the position was interestingly balanced, it was actually already better for Black due to the open f-line. Friso Nijboer kept his advantage against Robby Kevlishvili and is trying to win the endgame as we speak.

I’m closing the blog for now, don’t forget Wednesday is a rest day, see you on Thursday!

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