Batavia 2015 Round 3: Reinderman sole leader

14:34 The third round of the Batavia tournament has started and includes the top pairing Reinderman-Heimann. The young German has impressed with powerful play in the first two rounds, so the Amsterdam grandmaster went for a quiet start in the game. 6…Nf6 is an interesting unusual move, but possibly Black should have preferred 8…Be7 to keep control over the d4 square (while 9.Te1 then runs into 9…e4 winning a piece). Maybe Reinderman now has a tiny little something.

15:04 Lars Ootes and Roland Schmaltz have had quite different starts in the tournament. The former Dutch U20 champion is on 100%, while the former bullet chess world champion still is on zero. In a Sicilian Paulsen Roland took the game away from the main track with 9…Qc7 (here the main line is 9…Nd7). By now Lars has given up the bishop pair, but has created a nice queenside bind and seems to have an edge.

Lars Ootes 3e ronde

Lars Ootes still has a 100% score

15:34 Dutch Grandmaster Hans Ree has just arrived at Café Batavia and thus sticks with his habit of visiting the tournament.

15:45 Daniel Gormally has played a topical gambit in the Slav opening, to put pressure on Jorden van Foreest right from the start. Recently Kramnik beat Giri with the tricky 9.b3. After 9.a4 the best solution for Black is 9…Be7 to return the gambit pawn. A bit later White could have tried the sharp 11.d5 and even 11.Nxf7 is a move. The position remained very complicated and with 13…Nbd7 Jorden played the first novelty. The first really critical moment was at move 15.

Gormally-Van Foreest

The critical position after 14…Bc5 in Gormally-Van Foreest

Here Gormally may have lost track with 15.dxc6, whereas after the deep 15.a5 with the hidden tactical point of a subsequent knight sacrifice on b5 the madness continues. Right now Black has pressure against f2 and seems to be on top.

Gormally-3e ronde

GM Daniel Gormally contemplating his opening moves

16:18 Etienne Goudriaan also played a sharp gambit in the Slav against Robby Kevlishvili and seems to have prepared well. Critical for this whole line seems to be 18…b4 19.Na4 c3 with a fascinating position. Robby’s 18…cxb3 gives White more freedom to develop his play and after 24 moves it’s Etienne who’s enjoying a clear advantage.

Goudriaan 3eronde

IM Etienne Goudriaan playing a sharp gambit

16:45 Jorden’s attack against the weak f2 spot has crashed through, so the young man from Groningen is now on 2.5 out of 3.

16:58 The game between Stef Soors and Nico Zwirs started off as a relatively quiet positional fight in the Sicilian Alapin, but with the remarkable 15.0-0-0 (instead of the simple 15.0-0) the Belgian IM pretty much went all-in. 20.Kc2 was yet another cool king move and while White seems to be on top by now, in the upcoming time trouble virtually anything can happen.


Stef Soors and Nico Zwirs performing their opening moves

17:45 It turned out that Heimann was actually having a complete off-day. Black should have castled on either move 9 or 11. As the game went, White got a very pleasant endgame and the German self-critically remarked that he didn’t put up enough resistance. Reinderman did a very good technical job and now is the sole leader with 3 out of 3.


Reinderman nursing his endgame advantage

17:52 Etienne Goudriaan reached a completely winning position against Robby Kevlishvili, but then started to miss several kills. Especially 30.d5! in the middlegame and 36.d5! in the endgame are convincing enough. The youngest participant in the tournament eventually managed to escape with a draw.


Here Goudriaan could have won with 36.d5!

17:59 More fireworks were seen in Ootes-Schmaltz. First White increased his advantage from the opening up to the point where he could have crashed through:


Here White can win with 27.Bb5+! axb5 28.Qxb5+ and now 28…Nd7 29.Nc4! or 28…Nc6 29.a6! followed by 30.a7!

After the German grandmaster survived the worst, he started consolidating his position and gradually took over the initiative. In such a scenario it’s not easy to suddenly have to defend and the Dutchman collapsed in time trouble.

18:33 During time trouble indeed many things happened in Soors-Zwirs.


A very wild position in time trouble – Black has just played 28…Nd5

After the time control was made, a drawn opposite coloured bishop endgame remained. The guys are now analysing and enjoying their food. Tomorrow at 14:00 we continue!


Nico Zwirs scored his first half point, and in fact nobody is on zero anymore

Report by Merijn van Delft, photos by Bas Beekhuizen (

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