Batavia 2015 Round 2: fantastic fighting chess. Reinderman, Heimann and Ootes in the lead

14:53 The second round of the Batavia tournament in Amsterdam has started and judging from the openings the players are ready for battle again! Jorden van Foreest has another white game and just like yesterday he’s playing a Negi line, now against Stef Soors’ Caro-Kann. With 20.Nh4 Jorden deviated from his game against Donchenko from Basel (which saw 20.Ne5). Stef seems to have done his homework well though, is still in book and is half an hour up on time.


Van Foreest-Soors in their theoretical battle

15:28 Andreas Heimann went for the sharp 6.Bg5 Najdorf (just like Jorden yesterday) against Daniel Gormally. The Englishman avoided the most topical lines, went for a tricky gambit and with 14…Be7 introduced the first new move. So far Andreas has defended well, so Danny still needs to prove his compensation.

15:48 Robby Kevlishvili is facing the second grandmaster in two days and that’s exactly why we are organising this tournament: to give our talents the opportunity to gain experience against strong opposition. Dimitri Reinderman tried to steer the game away from theory as quickly as possible by playing the Alekhine Defence. Since Robby hurried too much with his 6.c4, Black has equalised comfortably and by now is enjoying the more pleasant position.


Robby Kevlishvili

16:24 Lars Ootes is staying true to his Pirc against Nico Zwirs today and with 14…c5 he played a strong pawn break. It seems that with the second pawn break 16…f6 he could have equalised. Now that the queens have come off, White preserves an endgame edge.

Zwirs-Ootes-2e ronde

Lars Ootes staying true to his Pirc

16:44 Roland Schmaltz, just like his grandmaster colleagues, preferred a non-theoretical approach against Etienne Goudriaan today. Sometimes this comes at a cost though, since the Dutchman had no trouble getting into the game and even started to get the upper hand. With 24…Nf8 Black could have nicely consolidated, but after the tactically sloppy 24…Bf6? White got the chance to take over with the powerful piece sacrifice 26.Nxg6!.

18:06 Dimitri Reinderman steadily increased the pressure against Robby Kevlishvili’s position and won convincingly. Joining him in the lead with 2 out of 2 is Andreas Heimann, who converted his extra pawn against Daniel Gormally just as convincingly.

18:54 By far the maddest game of the tournament so far was Schmaltz-Goudriaan! The evalution of the game went back and forth constantly, and it will take quite some time to analyse this game properly.


Van Harreveld, Schmaltz, Bosboom, Moll, Heimann and Goudriaan trying to make sense of the complications

19:21 Zwirs-Ootes eventually turned into an equal bishop endgame, but Nico erred with 36.c6?, after which Lars took over and went on to win. This means Ootes is joining the leaders on 2 out of 2. Finally, Van Foreest-Soors became a rook endgame. In fact, the first 43 (!) moves of this game were seen before in Sengupta-Evdokimov, New Delhi 2014. Jorden didn’t know this game, while Stef had seen the game in his preparation, but wasn’t aware they were actually following it for so long. Chess is certainly a different game from what it was 20 years ago. But the fighting spirit is still fantastic and so far in the Batavia tournament we have seen only one single draw. Tomorrow at 14:00 is the third round.

Report by Merijn van Delft, photos by Bas Beekhuizen (

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