Round 9: crazy stuff

A bit of a crazy last round ended the 4th Batavia tournament. The 12-move draw between Achim Illner and Keith Arkell wasn’t unexpected, but what about Robin van Kampen losing a piece and resigning at move 19 against Mark Hebden? On top of that, Manuel Bosboom, who wasn’t exactly having his best tournament ever, crushed Hugo ten Hertog in 22 moves! Continue reading

Round 8: Illner secures sole victory

Achim Illner won the 4th Batavia Chess Tournament with a round to spare. On Saturday the German FM defeated English grandmaster Mark Hebden to reach the splendid score of 6.5/8 (and a TPR of 2686!). Because Sipke Ernst drew with Manuel Bosboom, Illner’s lead is now 1.5 points with one more round to go. On top of that Illner tranformed his IM norm into a GM norm; Hugo ten Hertog and Thibaut Vandenbussche can still score an IM norm if they win on Sunday. Continue reading

Round 6: Ambitious Illner leads

We have a surprising leader after six rounds in Amsterdam. Achim Illner, one of the five FMs in the group, is the only player to have scored 4.5/6! He only needs half a point from the resulting three rounds to score an IM norm. But, as he told us on Thursday, he wants more. “I’m going for a GM norm! Why not?” The new situation in the standings is also the result of Mark Hebden’s loss against his friend and compatriot Keith Arkell. Continue reading

Round 5: Hebden beats Ernst

Mark Hebden is the sole leader again at the 4th Batavia tournament, with 4 rounds to go. In the 5th round the English grandmaster beat Sipke Ernst in what our chess program calls a “Semi-Benoni”. Hugo ten Hertog and Achim Illner both won and kept good chances to score an IM norm. On Wednesday, the latter only needed 12 moves to draw with Robin van Kampen while the other participants enjoyed their rest day. Continue reading

Round 3: Ernst catches Hebden


25-Feb-2011 23:53, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D90, 5.6, 135.0mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 3200


Sipke Ernst caught Mark Hebden in first place in the third round of the Batavia Chess Tournament. Ernst won with Black against David Klein, while Hebden was held to a draw by Hugo ten Hertog. The game between Achim Illner and Robin van Kampen was postponed because both players had other obligations. And… what exactly is needed for norms in this tournament? Continue reading

Round 2: Another GM escapes

After to a smooth victory over Manuel Bosboom, the leader of the tournament after two rounds is 54-year-old GM Mark Hebden of England. Top seed GM Sipke Ernst is half a point behind – he won against Achim Illner. Just like in the first round, the most spectacular game was the first one that ended in a draw, and just like yesterday, the GM was on the verge of losing. Continue reading

4th Batavia tournament officially opened

The 4th edition of the Batavia Chess Tournament was officially opened on Friday by tournament director and owner of Cafe Batavia, Peter Tames. Many friends, acquaintances and chess fans, and of course the players, had gathered in the cafe, and among the first day spectators there were famous names like Friso Nijboer, Hans Ree, Ian Rogers and Yasser Seirawan. Continue reading