Articles by Merijn van Delft:
Hing Ting Lai wins Batavia Blitz. First round on Friday at 2pm
Batavia 2015 Round 1: only decisive results
Batavia 2015 Round 2: fantastic fighting chess. Reinderman, Heimann and Ootes in the lead
Batavia 2015 Round 3: Reinderman sole leader

Batavia 2015 Round 5: Van Foreest back in contention
Analysis Schmaltz – Goudriaan
Batavia 2015 Round 6: Van Foreest moves up to +3 and crosses 2500 barrier
Batavia 2015 Round 7: early blunder by Schmaltz
Batavia 2015 Round 8: regression to the mean
Batavia 2015 Round 9: no norms, but still an exciting tournament
Brilliancy prize won by Etienne Goudriaan

Final standings Batavia Blitz: click here

Batavia Chess Tournament 2015

Batavia Blitz 

Batavia Tournament

Batavia Blitz

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