Third edition: February 2011

Yet again the organizers managed to improve the playing field for the third tournament. It took place 18-27 February 2011 and this year it was a GM group with GM Hertneck, Gerald (GER, 2542), IM Michiels, Bart (BEL, 2489), GM Thipsay, Praveen (IND, 2461), IM Bok, Benjamin (NED, 2453), IM Van Kampen, Robin (NED, 2443), IM Bosboom, Manuel (NED, 2438), GM Murshed, Niaz (BAN, 2436), IM Kleijn, Christov (NED, 2428), IM Ris, Robert (NED, 2418) and IM Van Delft, Merijn (NED, 2387). Gerald Hertneck, a last-minute substitute for GM Dibyendu Barua, won the tournament with 6.5/9, half a point ahead of IM Robin van Kampen.

Articles by Peter Doggers:
3rd Batavia kicks off
Round 1: Interesting pairings, spectacular start
Round 2: A quick draw and a quick blunder
Round 3: Five victories for White
Round 4: A clear leader, and the ultimate chess hatred
Round 5: Another win for Hertneck, another loss for Bosboom
Round 6: Good wins and missed opportunities
Round 7: Three quick draws, and three players still hoping
Round 8: Hard fights and shattered dreams
Round 9: Hertneck wins 3rd Batavia, Van Kampen finishes second