Batavia-Amsterdam-Schaaktoernooi-2017 afficheThe 9th Batavia Chess Tournament takes place from Thursday, February 23rd to Sunday, March 5th, 2017 in Café Batavia 1920, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The games will start each day at 14:00 hrs. The final round starts at 12.00 hrs. Wednesday, March 1st is a rest day.

Admission to the playing hall in Cafe Batavia is free.
The cafe is located opposite the Amsterdam Central Station, in the direction of Zeedijk, left to the St. Nicholas church, at Prins Hendrikkade 85.

The Batavia Chess Tournament is a 10-player all-play-all event. The rate of play is 40 moves in 90 minutes plus 30 minutes for all remaining moves with 30 seconds per move added from the start.
The games are FIDE rated and gives players the opportunity to earn grandmaster and international master norms.


1. GM Alexandr Fier (BRA) 2581
2. GM Tal Baron (ISR) 2544
3. GM Eric Lobron (GER) 2528
4. IM Koen Leenhouts 2487
5. IM Bobby Cheng (AUS) 2453
6. Lucas van Foreest 2453
7. FM Thomas Beerdsen 2422
8. IM Mark Timmermans 2415
9. FM Hing Ting Lai 2392
10. FM Barry Brink 2309

Prize Fund

1st place: €500 & Euwe trophy.
2nd place: €300
3rd place: €200

Blitz – 1st place: €100, 2nd place €60, 3rd place €40

The brilliancy prize of €150 for the best game and the best endgame prize of €150 are made possible by de Melker & Partners (dMP). The jury consists of GM Zhaoqin Peng and IMs Manuel Bosboom and Merijn van Delft.





Title norms

The requirement for a GM norm is 6½ points except for Barry Brink – he needs 6 points. An IM-norm is 4½ points.
Lucas van Foreest and Thomas Beerdsen have already met all requirements for the IM-title.

Batavia Blitz & Opening

On Thursday February 23rd at 20.00 hrs the participants of the Batavia Chess Tournament will play a blitz tournament to determine the color distribution for the main event. The Blitz event is open for audience in Café Batavia, while the games can be followed live via this website as well.

Format: 10-player single round robin.
Rate of play: 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move.
Prizes: 1st place: €100, 2nd place €60, 3rd place €40
Tiebreak: 1. Mutual games; 2. SB points; 3. Most blacks; 4. Most wins; 5. Most wins with black; 6. Drawing of lots.
The final ranking of the Blitz determines the starting numbers of the main event. Which means, the winner of the Blitz has starting number 5 in the main event, number 2 has starting number 4, etc. and number 6 gets starting number 10, number 7 starting number 9, etc.

The opening of the 9th Batavia Chess Tournament will also take place on Thursday February 23rd, at 19.00 hrs.


Tournament director: Merijn van Delft
Cafe Batavia: Peter Tames
Chief Arbiter: Arno Eliëns