The 11th dMP Batavia Chess Tournament takes place from Thursday, February 28nd to Sunday, March 10th, 2019 in Café Batavia 1920, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 10-player all-play-all tournament features a new playing format (more info below: updated February 26th!).

The blitz games will start at 13:00 hrs and the classical starts at 14.00 hrs, except for rounds 5 and 9, when the blitz games start at 12.00 hrs and the classical at 13.00 hrs. On Tuesday, March 5th the games will be played in the Stadsarchief Amsterdam. Wednesday, March 6th is a rest day.

Admission to the playing hall in Cafe Batavia is free.
The cafe is located opposite the Amsterdam Central Station, in the direction of Zeedijk, left of the St. Nicholas church, at Prins Hendrikkade 85.

The blitz games and classical games are FIDE rated and gives players the opportunity to earn Grandmaster and International master norms.


1 GM David Arutinian (GEO) 2555
2 IM Arthur Pijpers 2482
3 GM Simon Williams (ENG) 2471
4 IM Stefan Kuipers 2455
5 IM Max Warmerdam 2448
6 IM Koen Leenhouts 2447
7 Rick Lahaye 2414
8 FM Felix Meissner (GER) 2397
9 GM John van der Wiel 2391
10 FM Jasel Lopez (ARU) 2390

Prize Fund

Classical Round Robin:
1st place: €500
2nd place: €300
3rd place: €200

Combined score according to the new playing format:
1st place: €150
2nd place: €100
3rd place: €50

There is a brilliancy prize of €150 for the best game and a best endgame prize of €150.

New playing format

After 10 editions with a classical Round Robin tournament, the 11th Batavia Chess Tournament will try a new innovative tournament format. In the past few years there has been quite some discussion about the super strong Round Robin events (Sinquefield Cup, Norway Chess etc), which feature a high drawing percentage and sometimes a lack of fighting chess. Although the Batavia Tournament has never faced these issues, we are excited to try a new format that might inspire other Round Robin tournaments.

Instead of one classical game per day, we will play a blitz tiebreak first followed by a classical game. The classical games will of course be most important, determining our tournament winner and the distribution of the main prize fund (1st €500, 2nd €300 and 3rd €200). Furthermore, the classical score will count for IM and GM norms (with special permission of the FIDE Qualification Commission for a one time experiment with this format).

However, we will have extra prizes (1st €150, 2nd €100 and 3rd €50) for the combined scores of the classical games and tiebreaks, based on the below score format:
– The winner of the classical game will get 2 points.
– The loser of the classical game will get 0 points.
– Only in case of a draw in the classical game, we will look at the tiebreak.
— The winner of the tiebreak will get 1 point (which is still half of a classical win).
— The loser of the tiebreak will get only 0.5 point.

What does each round look like?
– 13.00: blitz game 1 – Player B vs Player A (5 minutes + 3 seconds increment)
– 13.15: blitz game 2 – Player A vs Player B (5 minutes + 3 seconds increment)
– 13.30: (in case of a tie) armageddon – Player B vs Player A. White has 5 minutes, black has 4 minutes, with a 3 second increment after move 60. Black has draw odds.
– 14.00: classical game –  Player A vs Player B (40 moves in 90 minutes plus 30 minutes for all remaining moves with 30 seconds per move from move 1)

Rounds 5 and 9 will start one hour earlier.

The classical games and blitz games will be rated for FIDE ratings. Only the classical score will count for IM and GM norms.

Title norms

The requirement for a GM norm is 6½ points in the classical games. An IM-norm is 5 points for Rick Lahaye and 4.5 points for Jasel Lopez and Felix Meissner.

Opening Ceremony: Hand and Brain

On Thursday February 28th at 20.00 hrs the participants of the Batavia Chess Tournament will team up with amateurs in a Hand and Brain Tournament. Three amateurs will be invited, but the other five spots are open for auction. The money raised with the auction will support the Batavia Chess Tournament. Do you want to participate in the Hand and Brain? Send your bid to Merijn van Delft (merijnvandelft@gmail.com) and state if you want to bid publicly or anonymous. The five highest bids will be published on this website.

The drawing of lots for the main tournament will also take place during the opening ceremony.


Tournament director: Merijn van Delft
Cafe Batavia: Peter Tames
Chief Arbiter: Arno Eliëns