Report Round 7

By Dries Wedda

In the seventh round, tournament leader Dimitri Reinderman has lost his first game of the tournament to Friso Nijboer. Tomasz Warakomski, who was a point behind Dimitri Reinderman since he lost to him in round 2, did not manage to take advantage of this result, and should not complain to have drawn his game against Lawrence Trent. Nico Zwirs drew his game against Manuel Bosboom with the black pieces. As a result, there will not be any GM norms this year, contrary to the three IM norms during last year’s event.

Reinderman-Nijboer, 0-1

Early on, Reinderman got himself into trouble in the English. Nijboer had a lot of pressure for the mere cost of a pawn. After Nijboer regained his pawn, he won a superior rook endgame in clean fashion.

Bosboom-Zwirs, ½-½

In an unorthodox opening, both players manoeuvred for a bit and Zwirs ended up with a better position. After he made a small misstep the game ended in a repetition of moves.

Warakomski-Trent, ½-½

Trent opted for a sharp line in the Italian with Black and this paid off well for him. He got a few very good chances of winning, but in the end Warakomski defended an endgame until only bare kings were left.

Feuerstack-Van Haastert, 1-0

Feuerstack gained the bishop pair in the opening, after which Van Haastert had some issues to solve. Van Haastert opened up the position, but White’s bishop pair prevailed and Feuerstack won a good game.

Admiraal-Sakundar, 0-1

Admiraal opted for a quiet approach against the Sicilian, but this quickly backfired and he found himself with a significant space deficit. He sacrificed an exchange to defend a closed position. At the end of the day the extra material counted, and Sakundar won her game.

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