Report Round 2

by Fedja Zulfic

Round two of the 12th Batavia tournament saw more fighting chess. Friso Nijboer and Nico Zwirs were looking to bounce back from their abrupt first-round losses and fought out a crazy game where White sacrificed a piece for three pawns and later had a rook for six pawns, while we had three more decisive games.

Friso Nijboer

Nijboer – Zwirs
Dimitri Reinderman was the only player to reach 2/2 with his win over fellow first-round winner, Polish GM Tomasz Warakomski.

Reinderman – Warakomski

Dimitri Reinderman

In the other games, Miguoel Admiraal won a complicated game against Aljoscha Feuerstack, Manuel Bosboom’s king became surprisingly active with six pieces still on the board to help him win his game against Irene Sukandar while Edwin van Haastert drew with Lawrence Trent in a Ruy Lopez to move to 1.5/2 and maintain his GM-norm chances.

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